Unexplained explosion creates loud booms at Ashley Valley Industrial Park near Vernal, Utah – March 2 2013


huge explosion in Hensen Utah

The explosion in the Ashley Valley Industrial Park destroyed one building and damaged eight others. No reports of anyone hurt or killed by the explosion. The large blast shook much of the Basin and flooded the central dispatch center with calls from residents. It occurred around 12:15 a.m. Crews arrived on the scene and immediately began searching the area surrounding the explosion.

An evacuation order was issued for everybody within a half-mile radius of the explosion. Fire crews brought the blaze under control within hours, but the evacuation order was expected to remain in place until noon Saturday, as crews were still dealing with a leaky propane tank at the scene. The leaking tank is reported to be a 1,000 gal. propane tank. The tank is believed to have been damaged by the explosion but not the cause of the accident. – Fox 13 Now

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