Mystery boom around the world: USA (CT, CA, TN, MI), UK (Norfolk), Italy (Sicily) – April 12-20 2013


mysterious loud booms' compilation april 2013

Here last news about mysterious booms and loud booming noises from various sources and selected comments which were published on Strange Sounds. Thank you for your active following and your information. This demonstrate that mysterious booms are not only secluded in the United States but are also heard all around the world!

Norfolk big bang mystery deepens as RAF denies it ‘dropped a boom’ – April 17 2013

People living across parts of Norfolk took to social media networks in their droves to last night to speculate as to whether or not they heard a sonic boom. Dozens of messages were posted on Twitter and Facebook from people wondering if a “big bang” heard at about 8.15pm was the result of a sonic boom from jets operating in the area. EDP reporter Lauren Rogers said she saw two jets flying over Waxham, near North Walsham, at about 8pm yesterday. However, RAF spokesman Wing Commander Martin Tinworth said the sound was not caused by any of its planes flying in the area, and the south-westerly wind direction meant it was unlikely to be the result of its activities elsewhere. – Newsfeed

Bridge City Loud Booms Orange County California – April 15 2013

BRIDGE CITY — A loud boom was heard Monday night in Bridge City around 8:50 p.m. and there are still more questions than answers. Calls to local law offcials have not found any answers into what exactly caused the loud boom that had people filling up social media sites. – Orange Leader

Mysterious “Boom” Rattles Windows from Ledyard to East Haven and Milford Connecticut – April 19 2013

A loud boom rattled windows and prompted calls to police departments in several towns along the shoreline Friday night. People from Ledyard to East Haven and Milford reported hearing the loud sound and feeling their houses shake around 10 p.m. – NBC Connecticut

Comments from blog’s followers

I heard this in Northern California humboldt county area at exactly 12:30 a.m last night /this morning. An extremely loud boom sounding like a cannon ball being shot or something and right after a jet sound.

We heard and felt the same thing several times here in Adrano, Sicily on 18th April around 14:00. Very strange loud booms, followed by a strong burst of wind when the wind was totally absent yesterday. It was reported to be heard in several towns in Catania, Italy.

There have been huge explosions for months now in Clarksville TN. They don’t sound loud enough to shake my house; however they vibrate the house and they are very far away. Im not sure if it could be Artillery at Fort Campbell or something but its definently odd to feel it that far away.

Weird how most booms I’ve been reading about all over the world tend to be happening after dusk. We’ve had unexplained booms here in Warren, Michigan, as well. Well, if it’s aliens…sure hope they are here to help earth survive before humans destroy it.

What I don’t think Windsor realizes, is that same hum noise has been heard all over Michigan, as well. I’ve heard it myself on several occasions for up to 2 hours or so at a time in Troy, Chesterfield, and in the UP. So how do we know the hum in the USA isn’t coming from Canada? Quit pointing fingers. Gheesh! Weird noises have been happening all around, above, and below earth these past few years. All over the world!


I have heard the jet sound several times. It sounds so much like a jet i used to dismiss it, thinking it was a jet. It then started to last longer than I believe a jet should and it does seem to just stop and then start again. At 11:56 GMT Today i heard it again.i It lasted appx 5 mins with some stopping and starting. The first time I really took notice of this was Jan 9/10.I was home from work and the sound lasted over 10 mins it was a clear day and there were no jets/planes or anything in sight. It lasted so long i went outside to stare at the sky and of course nothing anywhere but it sounded like it was right on topof me. I then did some searching and found that the same exact noises were reported in Canada at the same time. that is very odd. I live in the cambridgeshire area of the UK

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