Amazing Northern Lights Phenomenon: Photos and Videos of Aurora Borealis Reveal this Nature’s Wonder


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Northern Lights Alaska USA

Northern Lights are one of Earth’s most stunning natural spectacles that most people dream of watching at least once in their lifetime.

Aurora Borealis Saltfjellet Nordland Norway

Aurora Borealis Saltfjellet Nordland Norway

But what exactly is the Aurora Borealis? In truth, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding this marvel of nature.

Aurora Borealis Saltfjellet Nordland Norway

Northern Lights Kvitfvel Norway

However, it is understood that the phenomenon is caused by ‘solar wind’ – electrically charged particles that the sun flings across the solar system constantly – but with varying intensity.



The northern lights form when charged particles from the sun penetrate the earth’s magnetic field and collide with atoms and molecules to create bursts of light.


The Northern Lights in Donegal in Ireland

Northern Lights in Donegal in Ireland

The particles are drawn to the earth’s magnetic fields around the poles, which is why they are visible at extreme latitudes (including the southern hemisphere, where they are called the Aurora Australis).

The Northern Lights in Aberdeen in Scottland

Northern Lights in Aberdeen in Scottland

As they bombard the earth’s atmosphere, the particles ‘ionise’, releasing charges visible as light.


Norway aurora borealis

Norway aurora borealis


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