Hurricane Map: More Than 150 Years of Hurricanes on a Glowing Colors Tropical Storm Map


The effect of this amazing map is not only beautiful and mind-blowing but also informative — more than 150 years of hurricane data.

hurricane map John Nelson

  • This hurricane map offers a unique perspective of the Earth with Antarctica in the middle, and the other continents around: The Americas are on the right, Asia is on the left.
  • The storms plotted on the map grow brighter with increasing intensity.
  • This map compiles U.S. government data on tropical storms and hurricanes from 1851 through 2010.
  • The number of storms leaps up in the latter half of the 20th century due to technological advances (satellites and hurricane-hunting aircraft).
  • The dearth of storms in the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres is a product of a lack of data since the USA began to add storms from these regions to the database only in 1978.

The same scientist (John Nelson) has also created a map on earthquakes:

earthquake world map john nelson

And Wildfires:

wildfire map john nelson

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