Mysterious Booms in UK: Residents of Cambourne, Essex and Royston Rocked by Sonic Booms


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People in the area of Cambourne, Essex and Royston were reporting a double ‘Boom Boom’ which shook windows and houses! The first boom was a really loud one followed by a rumbling echo.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed the sonic booms are due to military aircraft carrying out routine operations in the skies over the county.

Here a few comments about these booms:

“I did actually feel a shock wave. It was like a vibration through the air, that’s what it felt like. I was sitting in the garden and I just felt a ‘boom boom’. At first you heard the noise, then you felt some sort of vibration through the air.”

“‏I thought a wardrobe had collapsed upstairs!”

“I was in Royston in the Factory Shop. I thought someone had driven into the shop. The whole shop just shook.”

“Heard it at Papworth, hell of a bang! Made everybody at the park stop what they were doing. Bit irresponsible I think, especially considering the damage it is reported to have caused.”Gazette

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