Strange and Scary Sounds After Power Outage in Evansville Wyoming – June 5 2013


Power outage in Casper Evansville affect Sinclair Refinery


This video was sent to me by Enigma Seeker, a good place to get some information about strange sounds and mystery booms!

Here what he is writing to me:

This is a video I found on u-tube of the Strange Roaring Noise Phenomenon that I have been keeping up with. It only happens about once a month and mostly at night in a concentrated area, far more rare than the Mystery Booms. With the many fakes or mistaken strange noise videos circling around on u-tube it is easy to just dismiss it as another fake video. But after much analyzing and comparing it, I find this video to be trustworthy and authentic. So far there have only been 4 others for 2013. I believe those who have witnessed this phenomenon which has frightened many have a right to share their experience.



Reading up the lines in the first video, you understand that a refinery is close to where the recorders live. Moreover, it seems that the power went out just before hearing the noise. The flame at the refinery was huge and the chirp like noise had gone of for a short time before this recording. This recording didn’t happen until 30 minutes after the power went out.

So what was this noise? The strange sounds in the sky? There is at least a low frequency rumbling and roar accompagnying the chirp noise. HAARP? The trumpets of heaven sound? Yes, it could be associated with the strange noises that have been being heard world-wide for the past few years. Here only the video without the text:



Maybe is this strange sounds only the sound of a pressure release valve, and the chirping is the sound it makes when it closes again. Indeed, I went through the news of June 5 2013 and found this article on K2 radio :” A power outage early Wednesday morning sparked a shutdown at the Sinclair refinery, and with that several alarms could be heard near the facility. The outage was outside the facility, affecting nearly 3,000 customers of Rocky Mountain Power. Officials say alarms and venting at the refinery were part of the normal shutdown procedures put into place in the event of loss of electricity at the facility, and no area residents were at risk.

Thus I think we have here a record of this weird alarm and venting noise! But in either way, this is not the sound you actually hear when everything is running normally.

Great catch and thank you for sending me this video Enigma Seeker.

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