Strange Sunset in Lauwersoog the Netherlands: Inversions in the Atmosphere Give the Sun Very Odd Shapes


Jan Koeman was looking for the green flash over the ocean. But what he caught on June 6 2013 is almost more mysterious and amazing: an odd miraged sun.

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What are the conditions required for this kind of mirage?

Weird miraged suns appear at sunrise in very cold weather and at sunset when the weather is hot.

Jan Koeman weird sun in layers during atmosphere inversion


During all last week in The Netherlands, hot summer temperatures and the sunny weather heated the land and topmost layers of the sea to generate by early evening strong temperature inversions. These inversions can be summarized as layers of unusually warm air beneath cooler air.


odd miraged sun


The multiple image slices of the sun, almost ressembling to stacked pancakes, result from the sun rays being bent when passing through  the layers. Although  can sometimes be photographed on the topmost pancake,  did’nt have this chance. Hopefully, Jan Koeman will catch his tiny green flashes next time to show us another fantastic strange earth phenomenon!

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