Unexplained Loud Booms in Northampton UK: An Underground Explosion? – June 5 2013


loud booms in northampton castle street

Three “explosions” heard in the early hours of the morning in Northampton are being treated as unexplained. The fire service said the first “explosion” was reported at 02:59 in St Mary’s Street, followed by a call from Castle Street at 03:34 and Silver Street at 05:19.

Some think the “loud bang” was similar to that of a shotgun blast. Western Power Distribution said there had been a power cut in the Abington area of Northampton at about 04:40 which could have produced a bang.

In total, about 900 houses lost their power. Connections were restored by 05:20. An underground explosion? Fireworks?

Northamptonshire Police find the bangs are a “bit of a mystery” but no investigations are ongoing.

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