Biblical Colorado Flooding Creates a 7ft High Geyser In A Street Of Manitou Springs


Colorado Flooding september 2013, Colorado Flooding september 2013 video, Colorado Flooding september 2013 photo, Colorado Flooding september 2013 geyer, geyser Colorado Flooding september 2013, geyser video colorado floodings 2013,  Volunteer rescuer Jesse Rochette searches the Fountain Creek flood waters for anyone trapped or stranded as another flash flood washes off the Waldo Canyon burn scar on Friday in Manitou Springs, Colo.

A geyser erupted from the middle of the street in Manitou Springs, Colorado during the biblical
flooding on Thursday, September 12 2013.

This amateur footage features a fountain of black water surging up to seven feet from the sewer system on Canon Avenue as storm drains were overwhelmed by the downpour.

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