Mysterious Boom in Wichita Falls: Did Texas Earthquakes Created Loud Booming Noise And Shook Houses


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Did you hear a loud, mysterious boom in Wichita Falls on Monday night?

Residents in the Bonny Homes area report that they heard a huge boom that was so loud, it shook homes! It sounds similar to an incident in the Electra area last year that still remains a mystery.

It seems that Sheppard Air Force Base has nothing to do with the boom: Monday was a federal holiday and no one was flying. The Wichita Falls Fire Department didn’t respond to any explosions in the area. The Wichita Falls police did report any gun shots last night.

KAUZ-TV: Newschannel 6 Now | Wichita Falls, TX

Is this loud boom related to both earthquakes that were registered in Texas on Monday night?

Just let me remind you that on this same monday night two medium to large magnitude tremors were felt in Texas. The first quake stroke on the Louisiana – Texas Border Region with a magnitude of 4.7 (2013.09.02-21:52:40.78 UTC) while the second one happened 3km WNW of Timpson, Texas with a Magnitude 4.3 (2013-09-02 23:51:15 UTC). According to witnesses, the first tremor was longer lasting and the  second one was stronger.

Such ‘strong’ quakes are particularly unusual for Texas, especially 2 in a few hours. Both occurred at shallow depths (approximately 16’ooo feet) in a heavily fracked region. So maybe were they wells quakes.

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