Three Examples of ‘Immortal’ Underground Fires That Are Currently Burning Under the U.S.


There are some phenomena out there you just won’t believe they exist! ‘Immortal’ underground fires are such cases.

And they are plenty of them across the world. People just don’t speak about this oddity. Here 3 examples of such underground mysterious blazes that are just burning under your feet in the U.S.

1. Watson Township, Allegan County, Michigan

The closest to us (in time) is a fire that started about 1 year ago and hasn’t stop yet. This weird phenomenon is happening in Watson Township, a small city in Allegan County, Michigan. The smoke smells so bad that neighbors get sick and have to flee from their homes. The source of the fire is unknown, but some believe it started last December when workers were burning brush.

2. Eagle, Alaska

Another mysterious underground fire is still burning near Eagle in Alaska. During the formation of the so called Tatonduk slump and fire, or the Windfall Mountain Fire in October 2012, a loud boom was heard. This underground blaze is slowly destructing a mountaintop. Moreover, the smoke may contain high concentrations of sulfur dioxide. And this gas is toxic in high concentrations!

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The Tatonduk slump and fire, or the Windfall Mountain Fire, has been burning since at least October of last year about 25 miles northeast of the Alaska community of Eagle. These overfllight photographs revealed a slumping area resembling a mini volcano crater. NPS and USGS geologists suspect it is a shale oil rock deposit.

This overflight photograph show a kind of weird volcano crater. Is it the case or is this strange underground fire a shale oil rock deposit?

3. Centralia, Pennsylvania

Finally, the longest and thus probably the largest of those three underground fires is located in Centralia, Pennsylvania and started about 50 years ago. Yes, you can read: 50 YEAR AGO. The fire started, when a fire at the town dump ignited an exposed coal seam.

This fire is probably responsible for the demolition of nearly all building in Centralia and — a whole community of 1,400 simply gone.

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