Montana Issues Over 6000 permits to Hunt the Last 625 Remaining Wolves


There’s is going to be some blood… On the hunters’ side. Indeed, in Montana, there is a 1:10 (wolf : hunter) ratio and 6.000 want to shoot at least one.

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Would you pay $19 to kill a wolf? In Montana 6’000 people just did. And only 600 wolves are remaining!


How is this possible! They want to exterminate wolfs in Montana! Indeed, this state issued over 6000 permits at 19$ piece (ridiculous) to hunt the last 625 remaining wolves in the state and loosened regulations governing hunting of the animals (5 wolves per hunter and extended period of hunt).

If only 2.1% of hunters issued a permit this year reach their bag limit, the wolf will disappear from Montana altogether. As wolves are pack animals, a single hunter will likely be able to kill several wolves in a single trip.

In contrast, the neighboring Wyoming has cut the number of wolves that may be killed in half to protect them from over-hunting. Sign the petition.

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  1. I would kill this 6000 guys for having thet mad idee. Come on, let’s challenge i have the gun and you run. You will see how it’s fun.

  2. What propaganda. I’ve spent months hunting wolves and never came close to getting one. Days of tracking, calling ( with answers from packs in the distance), and only 60 or 70 tags had been filled. In other words…. 6000…10000… or even 20000 tags isn’t really the point. If they’re as difficult a tag to fill as I know they are, they will be around. Besides, when the government reintroduced the wolf population in 1995 by bringing down 45 mating pairs of the Mackenzie valley timber wolf from Canada into YNP, they bred like rabbits. With the initial goal of controlling the vegetation feeding wildlife in the YNP area, the wolf’s numbers increased so much that other wildlife numbers started to dwindle. We made our own beast when the Canadian timberwolf was brought in… now we are retaking control of it.

    • Actually, they don’t decimate other populations. If you got your lazy ass out of your deer stand and actually looked for your prey, deer I mean, you would find that they simply on the move all of the time as is their natural state with wolves. The ESA protections were started when The Endangered Species Act started, 1973, not 1995. They spent hundreds of millions on reintroduction and they got a little over 5000 in the lower 48 states before they were hunted again in 2011. Get your facts straight before you comment and KILL a species that is esential to the environment.

      • ABSOLUTELY AGREE… THESE ‘DEAR LEADERS” And these “Hunters” need to get their facts straight and quit hunting these magnificent animals! What a horrible waste too–they are not eaten, just hunted for the sake of hunting! Every single American I have spoken with about this issue was horrified this is being done–and many of them are HUNTERS too! My own brothers wouldn’t even go along with this–it must take a ‘certain breed or inbreed’ of a person to even consider hunting the Wolf. So disgusted with this and now have a more distasteful image of the American “hunters’ I thought were Patriots and would not ever go along with something of this magnitude of horror… apparently hunters in these states like Montana–and their politicians don’t think like the rest of the country. Nor does Colorado who is now Mass Murdering FAMILY DOGS!! Whats next folks? US?

        Apparently under the UN’s Agenda 21 the American People are next “wild life” they want to “cull the herd’ of… Go check this out and also DHS armed to the teeth as well as ALL Federal Departments… READ–DHS admits THEY are preparing for WAR with the American People.. perhaps they want to get these hunters used to the idea of mass ‘herd culling’ so they wont be so opposed when its their turn. Sorry just had to say it. Killing Wolves is just WRONG on all accounts! Paying 19 bucks to do so … geeZus.. people!

        The Wolf is a highly intelligent social creature.. Magnificent and yet these Lazy hunters agree to go do their Tyrannical Leaders bidding… leave them alone people please… they are too related to OUR BEST FRIEND! Leave this one alone!

    • WATCH—LIVING WITH WOLVES. JIM AND JAMIE DUTCHER… Shines a light on this Magnificent Animal… get a whole new perspective… this is the CLOSE animal to OUR FAMILY DOGS. what the he*l is wrong with these ‘hunters’ !! They are so much like “our dear leaders” in Colorado–now KILLING THE FAMILY DOG! C’mon people—leave these beautiful highly intelligent animals alone–just as bad as the Japanese hunting down the Dolphins and Bashing them in the head as they have them all trapped in a cove! STOP IT! Stop killing Wolves and Stop killing DOGS!

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