Earthquakes Create Loud Booms in Oklahoma County – November 2013


Last week-end, many earthquakes rattled Oklahoma County. The last one, a 4.0 magnitude, hit the Edmond/Jones area on November 4 2013 near. But what’s most annoying about these quakes is not feeling the rattle, but hearing a loud noise accompanying them. Why are Oklahoma earthquakes so loud?

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Map of Earthquake swarm in Oklahoma – November 2013

When thinking about earthquakes, we see the shaking of items off shelves and the knocking people down. But, in Oklahoma, many people say it’s not the shaking but the sound that is unnerving, as if a thunderstorm was going over but you know that’s not happening.

So far this month Oklahoma has had at least 65 earthquakes. And most of them produced this loud thunder explosion, some louder than others. This ‘earthquake boom’ comes from the first wave that comes through, like a sound wave. The earthquake bounces off of the Earth causing that boom. In contrast, damages are caused from what’s called the S-wave.

Tuesday is the anniversary of the largest earthquake to hit Oklahoma. I hope it’s simply a strange coincidence to have so much activity so close to that anniversary.

Are these earthquakes related to fracking operations?

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