Sun magnetic flip anomaly: What are the implications of a field reversal?


The north magnetic pole is moving 60km a year toward Russia, which means they’re stealing it. Maybe…

Or the Earth’s core is fluxing. Actually, nobody really knows what’s happening. I just hope it’s not a prelude to a catastrophic magnetic shift.

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According to scientists, there’s a mysterious magnetic plume that is pushing the north pole at an increasing speed. This plume comes from deep in the Earth’s core, which is believed to be made of iron, with molten rock spinning around like a dynamo. This is what creates Earth’s magnetic field.

Here a video about the magnetic flip that will occur soon on our star, the sun:

Meanwhile, scientists have evidenced that the Earth’s magnetic field flips every 300,000 years. The problem here is that 780,000 years have passed since the last polarity change, which means that a new shift could be imminent. There’s proof that the field’s strength is falling down at a very fast rate over the last two hundred years, a fact that has lead some experts to believe it could disappear completely over the next 1000 years before it flips.

Other researchers believe that this is just a fluctuation in the field. If the first theory finally happens, the whole process will have catastrophic consequences to human civilization and nature. Without a magnetic field, nothing will protect us against space radiation. The weather will go completely gaga, and the Sun will fry all our communications and navigation services, not to talk about all of us. At the same time, countless migrational species will get lost, affecting food chains and causing mayhem through the entire planet.

My dear Earthlings, the only thing we know for sure is that the magnetic north pole has been moving since 1904 northeastward at 14km a year, accelerating in 1989 until it reached its current 55-60km a year speed in 2007. So it may be difficult to forecast when the pole will arrive to Russia, if it finally does.

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