Mysterious Crop Circle Discovered in Chualar: Alien or Hoax?


A huge crop circle in the middle of a grass field was discovered Monday morning, December 30 2013,  in a field just outside Chualar in California.

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Mysterious Crop Circle Discovered in Chualar, California

By early afternoon, this crop circle had gone viral, and curious started showing up in droves hoping to get a glimpse. So far, nobody has come forward to take credit for the crop creation, so there lies the mystery. Is it the work of extraterrestrials or the creative genius of pranksters?

By daylight, in the field was a detailed circle that could’ve only been created by another life form, not humans, according to Sabino Longoria. “The lines and the square and the circle, it’s specific, the mathematics and the squares, the lines, the graphic. It’s special,” he said.

Something happened in this field overnight as showed in this Youtube video (strange bursts of light near the crop circle).


1. Aliens

“We heard there was something going on with aliens in Chualar.”

“I’m a skeptic, but this could be aliens, I don’t know. I’m always willing to believe something, so I mean, and if there’s proof, you can’t deny proof, but right now it looks like aliens to me.”

2. Hoax

“I think it’s pretty cool. It just looks sweet. I mean, at least it was on grass. It wasn’t out in the field to actually ruin really bad crop or anything. But, yeah, it definitely looks like pranks or something to me.

“(It’s) definitely pranksters! This is kind of a strange place to have anything out of the ordinary happen. If you’re going to choose anywhere, Chualar isn’t typically your highlight of places.”

Aliens or pranksters? Looking at other pictures of crop circles, It looks to me that the Chualar one has pretty complicated forms! Give me your opinion in the comments!

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