These ‘Spider Man’ Goats Climb Near-Vertical 160ft Dam


Guess what are these dots are on the 160ft wall of Cingino Dam in Italy! Goats!

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‘Spider man’ goats on Cingino Dam in Italy

OK, so it’s not the Grande Dixence Dam, but these goats are taking risks of an extreme nature on the Cingino barrier in Northern Italy. The group of Ibex goats clamber up the almost vertical 160ft-high wall to roll their tongues over the stones, because their veggie diets don’t provide them with enough sodium. It is thought they enjoy the salt and minerals to be extracted from licking the rocks. But one slip and they could be dead in a heart bleat.

First we had Spider Man, then the Simpsons gave us Spider-Pig, and now Italy has given us a new set of superheroes: the Spider-Goats.

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