Ghost Particules: Unbelievable Photo of the Sun Across the Earth (Thanks to Neutrinos)


Did you know you can take photos of the Sun across the Earth?

picture of sun across earth, sun neutrinos across earth, photo of sun across earth, sun seen across earth, neutrino gives amazing photo of the sun across earth, photo of sun across earth, The most amazing picture of the Sun was taken … at night, not looking up at the sky but looking down through 8,000 miles of the Earth’s rock, not with light but with ‘neutrinos’. Neutrinos are ghostly subatomic particles created in prodigious numbers by the sunlight-generating nuclear reactions in the heart of the Sun. Hold up your thumb. 100 million million neutrinos are slicing through it every second., sun light through neutrinos, photo of sun neutrinos across earth, light is visible across earth due to neutrinos
photo of sun across earth. Photo: Super-Kamiokande detector

Our earth is breathing and her heart is beating! But how can we get a pictures of the sun through it? As reported by strange path:

This image of the Sun was taken through the Earth, in “neutrino light”, at the Super-Kamiokande detector (Japan). The image has been obtained with a 503 days exposure, by registering neutrinos emitted from the solar core and detected in a 50 000-ton water pool located 1 km underground. At night, neutrinos were transparently traversing the whole earth before being registered in this image.

What are neutrinos?

A neutrino is an elementary matter particle of almost zero mass. We are awash in neutrinos. They come straight through the earth at nearly the speed of light, all the time, day and night, in enormous numbers. About 100 trillion neutrinos pass through our bodies every second.

Isn’t it one of the most amazing science pictures?

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