Strange Humming Sounds Annoy Residents of Exeter in UK (Video) – February 2014


Listen to the following videos and tell me if it is normal that Exeter’s residents have to go through this!

Exeter’s residents are reporting a continuous loud noise across the city (similar to that of Manchester) – and it looks like it could last another three weeks.

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Exeter energy-from-waste plant in Marsh Barton. Photo: Devon gov.

Indeed, it seems these weird noises are being produced by the Exeter’s energy-from-waste plant in Marsh Barton (testing of the equipment).

As part of the cold commissioning process, it is necessary to release steam from the boiler which will result in some significant noise and a plume visible between the building and the railway line. In addition to this, a plume of water vapour may be created from the stack as the heating process dries out the kiln and boiler, it could be visible, but it is completely safe. Over the next few weeks, steam will be blown once or twice a day.

Our contractors are doing everything they can to minimise any disruption to the local amenity and therefore there will be no planned steam blows during the night. Local residents are welcome to contact us directly if they have any questions or would like to report any incidents on 01392 225120.

It would not make any more than a ‘humming sound.’

Yeah! But these weird noises are extremely loud:

Here a few reports from Exeter residents:

It is making a right racket. It is unbelievable. The noise sounds like a low-flying plane. We are a little way away but it is still very loud and the steam coming off it is incredible. A lot of people must be hearing this thing. No-one told us this was starting. I just hope this is not symptomatic of the noise this will make when it is fully p and working.

I could have sworn that when they built it, they said it would be silent. But the noise is shocking. If that is how it is going to sound it is a massive concern. Especially at night in the summer, when you might want to open your windows.

It is really loud and sounds like about half a dozen jets taking off. My wife could not hear the tv in the kitchen. I was in the garage and had to leave as it was vibrating so hard. The worst part was that we were not informed about it. They could have told us this was going to happen instead of just springing it on us. No-one from the company or the council had the good manners to do that. I understand they have to do testing but no apology or forewarning does seem very remiss.

Exeter’s residents, I would ask the company for money to cover up inconveniences being caused by this continuous and annoying noise! Take action!

Source: Express and Echo

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