The Manchester Hum Is Due to Wind Bouncing in Beetham Tower


Sometimes, weird humming noises are heard in and around Manchester!

And there is quite a simple explanation to this Hum: Wind and the Beetham Tower.

beetham tower howl manchester hum, beetham tower howl manchester hum video, Sometimes a strange hum annoys the residents of Manchester in the UK. It's called the Beetham Tower Howl
Sometimes a strange hum annoys the residents of Manchester in the UK. It’s called the Beetham Tower Howl. Picture: Manchester Spareroom

Manchester is one of the city were people can hear a mysterious phenomenon called The Hum. But this particular humming noise can be heard by more than 3% of the population… Because it’s simply mechanical.

Yes sorry guys, but this low-pitched noise is created by the wind bouncing and passing around the Beetham Tower in Manchester Downtown, a bit like the eerie sounds coming from One World Trade Center tower.

Back in February 2014, when it was last experienced, the mysterious sound filled the air in Manchester and was so loud it even drowned out the noise of the busy city centre.

And just to give all the information about that noise… It even has a name: The Beetham Tower Howl.

What is The Beetham Tower Howl?

The building is the tallest residential block in Europe (551ft) and also houses the Hilton Manchester Hotel on Deansgate.

The notorious howl is caused by the glass and metal sculpture at the top of the building.

When the wind rushes past the edge of the glass panes turbulence is created. This is very similar to how turbulence generates sound within a recorder.

The alien sound is very loud (250hz frequency) and can be heard all the way around the two square mile city center and in suburban areas like Chorlton and Miles Platting.

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  1. Did anyone hear the booms in London tonight? Feb 14th 2014…. Despite the strong winds.. Sounded like explosions in the sky. Was not thunder/aircraft/fireworks. This was very strange

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