Mysterious Booms and Rumblings in Aberystwyth, UK Related to US Army Flight Training Sonic Boom


What the hell was that? People in Aberystwyth reported the ground shaking and windows breaking. The mysterious booms and rumblings were related to the sonic boom of an US Army fighter jet. Why are they training over UK, then?

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mysterious booms and rumblings in Aberystwyth related to army jet sonic boom

The US fighter jet pilot flew at 800mph above the Welch town. The related sonic boom smashed windows in Penglais High School, caused the ground to shake and left locals terrified. Even ceiling tiles crashed down in a supermarket. This is  is a breach of aviation rules! US Air Force chiefs have apologised and said one of its F-15E Strike Eagle jet fighters was going too fast. The jets were crossing Britain from Suffolk to the Welsh coast and one broke the 761mph speed of sound over Aberystwyth.

You can find a lot of tweets about it!

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