UVB-76 or ‘The Buzzer’: A Creepy Unexplained Russian Number Station


Discover the Russian UVB-76 also known as ‘The Buzzer’ number station!

As we speak, broadcast signals are moving invisibly through the air all around you, from millions of sources. And some of them are really, really freaking weird. Disvover the creepy and unexplained UVB-76 broadcast.

What is this strange noise?

It is an irritating, electronic a Russian Number Station, not unlike the sound of a truck horn played through a cheese grater. It broadcasts a single buzzing, monotonous, note 25 times a minute every hour and has been since at least 1982. A bit boring? Continue reading and watch the first video (one or two minutes are enough) and especially the second video!

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Origin location of UVB-76 broadcast: Russia

But why is it creepy and unexplained?

Well, the weird part isn’t the tone, but what happens when it stops. In its 20-something year run, the sound has been interrupted only three times. Each time a voice comes on and lists several Russian names and numbers before returning to the foghorn. Listen to one of the messages in this video (one or two minutes are enough, but you can watch all if you want):

The case gets curiouser when you realize that the noise is apparently something held up to a live microphone rather than a recording or just some random feedback (distant conversations can be sometimes heard behind the sound, though they’re difficult to decipher).

What’s the Deal?

The mysterious voices and noises baffle radio enthusiasts and leave some wondering what’s the message behind these noises as reported in the following video. Our theory? It’s not a buzztone at all. It’s a message sent in the native language of a certain group of embedded Russian agents. Their native language being robot:

This Russian UVB-76 also known as ‘The Buzzer’ number station is really weird! 

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