Mystery Booms in St. Cloud, Osceola County, Florida – March 18 2014 (VIDEO)


People in Osceola County, Florida have reported hearing mysterious booms. Do you know what they were?

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St. Cloud. Mystery booms were reported in St. Cloud, Florida on March 18 2014

The mysterious booms were reported in St. Cloud, as well as in Holopaw in southern Osceola County.

What may be behind the booms?

They are maybe sonic booms created by jets from Patrick Air Force Base. The base has not responded yet! (It’s probably them!). The booms may have also been created by a meteor, but no reports of exploding fireball have been published yet. A space shuttle entering Earth’s atmosphere? Tannerite explosions? Well maybe! But I would stick to the army hypothesis!

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  1. We have been hearing the booms again all morning in St.Cloud. We thought it was fireworks but too loud to be any consumer fireworks and has that coming from every direction quality; just can’t pinpoint exactly where it’s coming from. It sounds a lot like the propane boomers to scare birds from fields but louder. Some are ground shaking others seem to come from the sky. Strange.

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