Strange Sounds in the Sky of Terre Haute Indiana – March 10 2014


What was this strange sound in Terre Haute (Indiana) on March 10 2014? There are two videos in this post. One was shot at 4 AM and the other one just 1 hour later, at 5 AM. The sound is the first video is a loud humming and metalic noise. In the second video, the weird noise has almost completely disappeared. Strange!

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Theater in Terre Haute Indiana. Photo: Terre Haute

What do you think it was?

Note from the recorder for the first video:

(NOTE: The lights you are seeing are house lights.) The video quality isn’t the best, but the sound was loud and sounded like a severe wind storm mixed with other sounds: rotating machinery, giant vacuum cleaner, and electrical buzzing/humming. There was no wind, it was completely calm and still, there were no clouds in sight. It lasted for a good hour and a half, give or take, and then suddenly the noise came to an immediate stop. We have part two so that you can hear what it sounds like when the noise stops, so you can tell the difference. (This is the second time this noise has appeared, the first time it was much louder and overpowering.)

Note from the recorder for the first video:

So this is the second video, as you can hear in the video, it’s gotten much quieter, there is a small breeze you can hear wind chimes. Can you tell the difference?!

I think these strange sounds are real! But what is the source?

Another mystery!

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  1. Update on the sound at my place: we met a neighbor that works on the island where we live. According to him, the noise was from bleeding a gas line. Interestingly, we heard it again this morning from 6:55am-7:20am. I was still in bed and too tired to get up and go check it out though!

  2. I just heard what I believe is the same sound outside my house about an hour ago. I’ve been looking all over the internet to see if I could find what it was. I also recorded it. To me, it sounded like a fleet of jets in the sky, but constant. I’m totally freaked out!

      • Thanks for your reply! I’m fairly new to this area, so I’m not sure where the nearest base is, but we are a good hour from an airport. No lights that I saw. I live in a somewhat rural area near Rio Vista, CA (between San Francisco and Sacramento). Even my neighbors were outside wondering what it was. Weird!

    • Hello! I’m actually the one who posted this video on Youtube. I’ve been doing a lot of research myself, trying to figure out this strange noise. I stumbled across this blog during my researching. I have a better recording of the strange sound, an audio clip that my boyfriend took the same night that he took a video of it. I’d be more than happy to send you the audio clip if you’d like to hear it. The video really didn’t do the strange sound any justice at all. If you want the sound clip just send a message to my Youtube account and let me know.

      So far I haven’t figured out what it is, but I know sharing information has helped me to not feel so alone! The sound that I recorded was heard from Terre Haute, IN, all the way to Chicago, IL… same date, same time. Found that out from someone posting in the comments to my video!

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