This is the Sound Of Apocalypse: The Station Nightclub Fire Video


If you weren’t out of that building the in the first 90 seconds, you were dead! Around a 100 people were horribly burned alive this tragic night.

Station Night Club Memorial. Photo: Joe Webster (Wikipedia), The Station Night Club Fire, The Station Night Club Fire video, terrifying sounds
Station Night Club Memorial. Photo: Joe Webster (Wikipedia)

Be careful this video is hardcore! It’s terrifying!

Just before you watch, read this:

I was doing OK until I realized that the screaming wasn’t coming from horrified people watching the fire, it was coming from people still trapped inside the building, burning to death. And then a minute later the fire reached the front of the building and there was no more screaming.

You will hear, screaming is solid throughout till about the 8-9 minute mark, then all you can hear is authorities talking at each other, a few folks on their cellphones and fire burning.


A bit of History

The Station Nightclub fire was the fourth-deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history, killing 100 people. The fire began at 11:07 PM EST, on Thursday, February 20, 2003, at The Station, a glam metal and rock and roll themed nightclub located at 211 Cowesett Avenue in West Warwick, Rhode Island.
The fire was caused by pyrotechnics set off by the tour manager of the evening’s headlining band, Jack Russell’s Great White, which ignited flammable sound insulation foam in the walls and ceilings surrounding the stage. A fast-moving fire engulfed the club in 5½ minutes. In addition to the 100 fatalities, some 230 people were injured and another 132 escaped uninjured. Video footage of the fire shows its ignition, rapid growth, the billowing smoke that quickly made escape impossible, and the exit blockage that further hindered evacuation. (WIKIPEDIA)

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