Terrifying Strange Sounds in Rio Vista California – March 12 2014


Yesterday, somebody contacted me about some strange sounds that she, her husband and their neighbors heard.

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Sherman Island in California: Strange Sounds Recorded

I just heard what I believe is the same sound outside my house about an hour ago. I’ve been looking all over the internet to see if I could find what it was. I also recorded it. To me, it sounded like a fleet of jets in the sky, but constant. I’m totally freaked out!

They live near Rio Vista, California in a rural neighborhood on Sherman Island, secluded a good hour from any airport. It’s the second time within a week or two that they hear the scary noise. Well, TERRIFYING would be more adequate! Listen to this record of the that they’ve witnessed!

And this is what they normally hear. It sounds like a small paradise!

Could it come from the old Rio Vista Army base? It hasn’t been used since 1995, but they are planning to turn it into a recreational area, research center or who knows what!

This is really weird. Another mystery sound? Thank you for the recordings. If you want me to publish your name in the article, just tell me.


  1. I have heard the same exact sound in the Olympia WA area a few years ago 2 different times. It sounds like a non-stop fleet of jets flying low for a very long time, which is impossible..Well at least I know others have heard this and recorded it…Could it be a weather anomaly having to do with the jet stream? I’m older and have never heard this sound in my life before a few years ago…

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