This is the Incredible Story of Lisa One, the first Kakapo Parrot Born in 2014


One of the rarest eggs in the world was crushed, and a team scrambled to preserve it. I love this!

This kind of fairy tale starts with a broken egg… Look at it… It’s almost completely brocken.

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The Kakapo egg doesn’t have the regular oval form anymore. Photo: Imgur

But due to its amazing ornithological value, they taped the egg in order to give the embryo a chance of surviving.

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Ornithologists taped the egg. Photo: Imgur

And it worked out! Two days later, Lisa One, the first Kakapo of 2014, was born.

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Look at the lucky Kakapo! Photo: Imgur

Lisa One at 11 days!

kakapo parrot 2014, kakapo egg, first kakapo parrot in 2014, lisa One is the first kakapo of 2014, Kakapo Lisa One at 11 days old
Kakapo Lisa One at 11 days old. Photo: Imgur

And this is what Lisa One is finally going to look like.

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kakapo parrot adult. Photo: Wikipedia

Pretty epic story, no? Life and death are so close from each other!

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