Mystery Booms and Strange Sounds in Berlin – Wedding, Germany


Berling-Wedding is popping at night, but nobody knows why! As normal, actually!

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Berlin-Wedding AEG portal

Mysterious noises scare the wedding district of Berlin. And the cause of these booms remains a mystery!

The loud noise is a mixture of clatter and thump. It starts at around 11pm with a deep rumble and ends in a metallic humming at 1am every night since months – even for years for some residents. I would be totally pissed off!

But the reason of this weird popping noise heard in the northern district of the German capital is unknown.

Authorities are baffled

These mystery booms are now considered as noise pollution. Institutions start looking for the source of the loud noise but don’t know where the bang is coming from… Is it from Pankow? From underground construction (subway or tram rails)? Techno parties? gun shots? Aliens? Even if this video is in German, you can follow the investigations of a German detective trying to find the source of the mysterious noise.

It sounds like we have another strange sounds in the sky and this time it is heard by millions of persons in a single city! Pretty amazing, no?

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