Extremely bad news for citizens! Huge loss after strong explosion at major grain warehouse in NW Türkiye; 12 people injured

At least 12 injured in blast at grain warehouse in NW Turkiye
At least 12 injured in blast at grain warehouse in NW Turkiye

Extremely bad news for citizens! A powerful explosion has destroyed a major Turkish grain depot.

This holds up to 8 million tons of wheat, barley, legumes, chickpeas and lentils and has been highly stocked to lessen the impact of war. Another attack on food!

At least 12 people were injured after a powerful explosion rocked the warehouse of the Turkish Grain Board at Derince Port in Kocaeli province on Monday, leaving a trail of destruction. The incident occurred at approximately 14:40 local time, with the cause still under investigation.

Preliminary information revealed that the explosion injured at least 12 people inside the warehouse at the time of the incident. The blast occurred within the confines of the Turkish Grain Board depot, prompting swift emergency response measures.

Firefighters and paramedics were promptly dispatched to the scene for immediate medical attention.

The force of the detonation was so immense that its impact reverberated throughout the town.

Witnesses reported that shockwaves resulted in a dense plume of smoke and dust that engulfed the surrounding area, casting a pall over the scene.

Local authorities and emergency services are working diligently to ascertain the exact cause of the explosion, with a thorough investigation underway.

An initial investigation showed the explosion was caused by “wheat dust compression during the transfer of wheat from a ship to the silo,” said Serdar Yavuz, the governor of Kocaeli province.

Kocaeli Mayor Tahir Büyükakın said three of the injured were hospitalized in serious condition. All personnel had been accounted for.

The Transport Ministry said no ships were affected.

“We heard an explosion noise and we saw the explosion hit TMO’s silos. Four injured people were sent to hospital,” Derince Mayor Zeki Akgün said. [DS]

Guys, it’s time to wake up!

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