Last Bigfoot Hoax: Bigfoot Hunter Rick Dyer Dupes The Public


Rick Dyer proclaimed himself the best Bigfoot tracker in the world… But he confessed his last story is fake.

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Bigfoot Hunter Rick Dyer is lying to you

As reported by Dyer on his Facebook page:

Coming clean about everything is necessary for a new start. From this moment own (sic), I wlll speak the truth! No more lies, tall tales or wild goose chases to mess with the haters!

Dyer’s fakes began in 2008 and was followed by 2012 when he claimed he had killed a bigfoot in Texas as explained in the video below:

Rick Dyer wanted last January to go on tour with his Sasquatch creature. But, of course everything went wrong. This is probably one of the reason for his confession.

What is he preparing us next?

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