Sabotage to sow chaos! Another power outage in New York, ‘explosions and tremors that shook buildings’ reported, transformer blamed


Judging by events on the world stage, it seems likely that, soon enough, sabotage of this magnitude might be just what the establishment needs to sow chaos, to further their agenda…

Another power outage in New York
Another power outage in New York

New York City firefighters initiated emergency response protocol after explosion sounds were heard and the ground shook early Tuesday morning.

The FDNY was called to the 580 block of Main Street, just south of the Roosevelt Island Bridge & Tram, at around 5.54am, after reports came in of explosions and buildings shaking.

Footage from today’s incident:

The NYPD said to The Independent that “it is believed that it was a transformer that possibly caused the incident.” A transformer is a device that transfers electric energy from one circuit to others.

The police department did not elaborate on where the transformer was located or how exactly it caused the reported explosion sounds and shaking.

The potential explosions have caused power outages on Roosevelt Island, abc7 reports.

People on the Upper East Side and Astoria in Queens also reported they felt small tremors.

Multiple residents reported they were abruptly awoken by loud noises and the feeling of their buildings shaking.

Footage uploaded onto Citizen, a personal safety network, shows multiple firefighters at the scene, along with claims that they were dealing with fires coming from maintenance holes.

While the roads are still open, the NYPD is helping traffic through the area while the large FDNY presence counties to investigate, the outlet said.

The FDNY said they are still at the scene investigating the source of the explosion.

No injuries have been reported and the structural integrity of the surrounding buildings was also being checked, but none seemed affected, the outlet reports.

The FDNY told The Independent that the incident was under control by 7.08am.

They have turned the scene over to Con Edison, the power supply company for New York City.

Meanwhile on New Year’s day in New York:

Does a transformer really explain such noises and significant shaking? Note that, just over 2 weeks ago, on December 15th…

Whilst infrastructure in the US has been neglected for years and is fast deteriorating, and in just the last 36 hours there was the strongest X-class solar flare of the current cycle – the strongest since 2017 – which was quickly followed by a strong earthquake in Japan, there’s another, more likely, possibility to consider.

As Wikipedia notes:

‘In the 2010s and 2020s, attacks to the United States electrical grid have become more frequent, with 2022 being the year with the most attacks.’, furthermore: ‘According to the Department of Energy, 2022 saw an increase of 77% in physical attacks on the grid.’

Judging by events on the world stage, it seems likely that, soon enough, sabotage of this magnitude might be just what the establishment needs to sow chaos, to further their agenda…

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  1. Though I don’t think this time an earthquake is at fault. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if an earthquake struck though.Seems Mass had a crack open up in the ocean right off the coast a while back.Ancient fault opening or sink hole Exact cause never reported.Delayed cascade effect also wouldn’t surprise me either.

  2. It is work of PLO fighter in USA.
    The missile bases of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Iranian Air Force have been put on alert amid the threat of retaliation after the killing of 11 Revolutionary Guard officers in Syria. This data is provided by Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin. There are suggestions that Iran is preparing to retaliate for the murder of its officers, or plans to use its weapons against coalition ships in the Red Sea.

    Hossein Taeb, former head of the IRGC’s intelligence department, noted the key role of Razi Mousavi, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike, in Iran’s confrontation with Israel. Iranian authorities highly appreciate Mousavi’s contribution to strengthening Iran’s position in the region. His death is perceived as a significant blow to Iran’s position in the conflict with Israel and Hamas.

    The complexity of the situation is aggravated by the participation in the conflict of Iranian militias from various countries of the Middle East. This is especially true of recent events in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas began active military operations against Israel on October 7. Israeli airstrikes on Damascus airport killed 11 senior officers of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

    He also warned that any aggressive actions against Iranian forces will not go unanswered.
    Explosions in Iran killed 150 and 300 injured were work of IRGC terrorist organization of arms of ayatoolahs.. False Flag Operations we warned you
    to coem more of them are coming soon and also around globe?

  3. There is nothing uncommon about a huge transformer explosion. They will easily shake windows enough to get everyone to come outside to see what happened.

  4. It’s called an earthquake. Quebec had a small earthquake also. Watch the dutchsinse channel on YouTube, today’s video.

  5. Probably all the magma and lava coming up igniting with the infrastructure that’s barely holding on by a thread. Not to mention all the saltwater intrusion causing chaos with all the systems. All of that city is on borrowed time geologically, terrorism or not.

  6. Could be a high power main line transformer that blew.They have the nickname stepformers.Its a sight and sound to behold as they very very rarely blow.

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