Is fracking responsible? USGS issues rare EARTHQUAKE WARNING for Oklahoma – May 5 2014

The USGS has issued a rare earthquake warning for Oklahoma and the first of it's kind for any state east of The Rockies.

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Fracking is hydraulic fracturing and creates earthquakes!

As shown in the following video by USGS, central Oklahoma’s rate of recorded magnitude 2-3 earthquakes is on the rise. More than 2500 earthquakes have rattled Oklahoma since 2012. And most of them (>1500 earthquakes! More than half of them) were reported since October 2013. Is it linked to fracking?

Some geo-scientists indeed suspect: ’human-induced fluid injection’ into deep rock formations to be the cause. I do too! What about you!

Read more about fracking on this blog or about this amazing USGS decision on Live Science.

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