Live report of strange sounds, mystery booms and rumblings in Florida – May 14 2014

Did you also hear this weird jet engine sound over Florida, today?

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Sanford Marina in Florida by Marina life

This is a comment by John Maynard on the site:

I live in Sanford Florida. Loud rumble in the sky sounded like a gigantic jet engine. Woke my wife and I up and made the dog start growling. After a few minutes and it still hadn’t passed, I said I didn’t think it was a jet. Our house started shaking and I looked out the window and didn’t see anything. After a few minutes it finally passed.

This happened about 5 times in the course of 20 minutes. Finally we went outside to wait for it to happen again and sure enough it did. Sounded like a train/ airplane/ thunder all rolled into one, and got louder as it sounded like it was getting closer to us, yet even when it sounded like it was right over us, we couldn’t see a thing. Clear sky full moon, but nothing visible to account for the noise.

This happened for a total of 45 minutes. I called my mom in the middle of it and asked if she heard anything. She lives 10 miles away in Orlando and I woke her up with my call. She said she could hear a low flying jet and then hung up, but then called me back a few minutes later to say that it still hadn’t passed. She stayed on the phone after that and told me that it kept passing by. We believe she was hearing the same thing as us.

Did you also hear it?

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  1. 12/8/2019 Large sky boom sounds again in Sanford, Florida — 4:20 AM it woke my dog who started barking. Went outside and could hear the noises but nothing in sky. It’s either cloaked planes, or some other military testing or could be some type of inter dimensional portal opening/ closing our eye wavelengths can not see.

  2. Well whatever it was it’s back tonight. August 1 2017 12:30ish till now. It’s not raining so it’s not a tornado. Comes and goes. Unbelievably loud. Sounds like a train or a bunch of jet engines. Bizarre.

  3. I just heard it tonight in Winter Springs. While my hubby was talking I kept hearing louder than a jet noises. It would build like getting closer, then died own. Finally I went outside saw nothing and it stopped. I wondered if it was a new apartment structure falling down. Or noise from the site. It was just before 11pm on 10-19-2015.

  4. Was in Winter Springs Florida and heard the same noise that you described. The date was Jan 18 2015 at around 9:50 and it lasted for at least 5 to 10 minutes. It came from the north so we assumed they were testing a Jet or something at the Sanford airport. Other possibilities are HARP testing earthquake…??

  5. This just gave me chills. I remember this happening. I also live in Sanford, FL. I live a few miles from the airport so I thought it was a plane flying overhead…but when this happened, there was nothing in the sky…and I heard these noises during the day. The first time it was almost 8 in the morning and the house was shaking. This actually just happened again not too long ago today, the third time since the first incident I experienced (in May as well) and it’s starting to really scare me. Especially since I found this submission of someone experiencing it in my area around the same time. This proves I’m not crazy. Where can we find more information on what’s going on?

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