Ironic! A massive sinkhole closes the Health System’s Spring Ridge Campus in Spring Township

You normally go to a medical center to be medicated not to get swallowed by a sinkhole!

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This huge sinkhole forced medical office to close in in Berks County, Spring Township, Pa. Source: WFMZ

Spring Township, Pa. – A massive sinkhole in Berks County has forced one facility in the Reading Health System to shut down for the day. The hole opened up Saturday night and crews have been working to repair the damage since then.

The hole is located outside the Health System’s Spring Ridge Campus on Keiser Boulevard in Spring Township. Officials said they had to shut down the electric and gas utilities so crews could work to repair the hole. The facility is closed Monday.

Officials said they expect to reopen the Spring Township campus on Tuesday. Another massive sinkhole in Berks County opened up on May 1 in a shopping center parking lot in Exeter Twp. – Look at the video on WFMZ

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