Sinkhole apocalypse near Sydney: Ground collapses two days in a row and almost swallows two homes in Newscastle, Australia

Engineers are working to save a row of million dollar homes threatened by sinkholes that have opened up on the waterfront near Newcastle, Australia.


This is the second sinkhole within two days… And this eight-metre wide crater almost swallowed the front room of a Newcastle’s property in Australia.

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Huge sinkhole opens up in Newcastle Australia NSW May 27 2014. Photo: 7 News

On Tuesday night, a first giant sinkhole – 20m wide and 10m deep – just next to a million dollar home near Lake Macquarie. In both cases, houses remained intact. Is more land going to collapse? The area underneath the neighbourhood was once part of the Swansea Pit, a coal mine abandoned in the 1950s. It’s probably an old mine shaft that has caused the collapse. Scary!

Hopefully our Earth will stop moving over there soon! More pictures here.

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