So it FLAILED… Sorry it HAILED in South Dakota on May 27, 2017

Hail had a weird form yesterday in South Dakota!

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Hail was looking weird in South Dakota this morning. Photo: Reddit

A tornado and hail storms swept through South Dakota on May 27 2014. But looking at this hail, I am sure you will be confused… So I was… Yes, I have never seen such spines or teeth on hail! What the hell is that? Geo-engineered hail? I have no idea how such killer ice balls can form.

But according to pictures released on the Original Weather Blog, this shape seems to be pretty normal for very large hail. It is just that most people don’t get them until they have partially melted, and the sharpness of the teeth has rounded by then. By the way, can you see the resemblance?

flail photo, flail photo, A flail. Photo:
A flail. Photo:

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