WTF! Kids get electric shock in Hialeah Pool, Florida

Unconnected ground wires caused the water to become electrically charged!


Security vision has been released of children being shocked by an electrical current in a Florida swimming pool after a live electric cable was grounded on a handrail.

Three children were seriously injured in a swimming pool in the U.S. city of Hialeah, Florida, because the handrails were under power. As shown in the video, a girl gets suddenly paralyzed and starts floating in water shortly after she touched the support bar. Her father rescues her and jumps out of the water. Not shown in this video are the second and third children who also got electrified.

It’s a miracle that all three children have survived. Investigations have shown that ungrounded cables in the pumping station were at the origin of this accident. But it is still a mystery how it came to this almost fatal incident as the swimming pool had passed successfully two security inspections last year. Now it has been emptied (water) and it is closed to public.

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