Too Much Love: Love Locks On The Pont Des Arts In Paris Have Broken The Railing Of The Bridge

The real weight of love!


Is love too heavy for Paris, THE CITY OF LOVE? Love locks on the Pont des Arts in Paris have crushed the railing of the bridge. Now the bridge is temporarily blocked.

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Love locks on the Pont des Arts in Paris. Photo by Brian Minkoff

The Pont des Arts did not resist! 2.4 meters of the bridge’s railing collapsed on Sunday, June 8, 2014, due to the thousands “Love Locks” hanging on it!

The famous pedestrian bridge was immediately evacuated and closed. Nobody was injured. The Pont des Arts, which connects the Louvre Museum and the left bank of the Seine will reopen today Monday, June 9, 2014 as reported by 20 min.

This love lock phenomenon has reached crazy proportions, becoming a kind of huge headache for the city administration as more and more couples have locked their loves on the this well-known and beautiful bridge. Imagine one of these falling on a tourist passing by below on a ship… It could injure or even kill him.

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