Ancient Ritual: The Mysterious Aseki Smoked Bodies Protect Living People In Papua New Guinea

This is a weird, strange and baffling ritual. Discover the mysterious Aseki Smoked Bodies in Papua New Guinea!


These red, charred bodies hanging on a cliff face in the Menyama region of Papua New Guinea are not a horror movie setting.

The Aseki Smoked Bodies are actually part of an important and ancient ritual, which is truely mysterious and shocking for us!

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Strange custom and ritual: Aseki Smoked Bodies. Photo: Papua New Guinea Journal

They represent the bodies of warriors, who once protected their community. The ancient and cultural process includes smoking the dead bodies, which are then placed in such a way that they look down the mountain and upon the village far below. In a way, they continue to protect the village…

In these tribes, only sons of warriors can become warriors. The bodies that guard the town are fierce-looking as they were in life. For celebrations and other important rituals, bodies can be brought down. Otherwise, the mysterious Aseki Smoked Bodies guard and watch over their loved ones.

This custom is very strange and baffling for us people living far away from these cultures, but I find incredible to learn about how people deal with DEATH around the world!

I hope you also enjoy discovering strange and unexpected things around the world

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