And Suddenly A Great White Shark Attacked (VIDEO)

And suddenly a shark attacked


This woman was visiting the International Spy Museum in Washington (District of Columbia) and stopped in front of an aquarium that seemed to contain great white sharks.

And, suddenly, the scary shark attacked!

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“Exquisitely Evil” at the International Spy Museum. Photo: Washingtonian. com

What is doing a pool full of large deadly sharks in the spy museum? This woman was also surprised. And baffled, she approached the window to touch if it is real.

Well it was so real that this woman fell backwards! Yeah, look at the video and you will better understand what I mean!

Just at the moment she touched the aquarium, a huge huge shark simulated an attack charging her with its mouth wide open and breaking the protective glass of the aquarium. Of course, it is not a real aquarium, but a simple screen for trapping museum visitors.

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