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Where Are The Sea Lions Normally Squatting The Pier 39 in San Francisco? And Their Barking sounds!

Normally, hundreds of sea lions gather on Pier 39 in San Francisco. But this week, they mysteriously disappeared en mass!

And Pier 39 looks empty and sad!

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Before and after picture of wooded decks at pier 39 in SanFrancisco: But where are the sea lions?

So what happened to the sea lions on Pier 39? Why did the huge colony of mammals inhabiting San Francisco dock mysteriously disappear overnight? It’s breeding season?

One of San Francisco’s most famous tourist attractions has gone under. The wooded decks of Pier 39 were abandoned this week by the barking sea lions who are thought to have gone south to breed. Here a video of 2013. Listen to their loud barking noises… They are so funny:

As shown in the before and after picture above, sea lions barely had enough room to stretch out on the wood pier decks during peak times last year. But this week, the decks were empty. Although baffling, it is thought the sea lions may have headed south to breed, as this isn’t the first time the colony has disappeared on mass. Here a video of today’s situation (not as joyful than in 2013!):

Shortly after the Loma Prieta earthquake hit San Francisco, the sea lions began taking up residence at the pier and forming an urban colony. In 2009 their numbers rose to more than 1,500, but a month later only 10 remained. At the time experts said the length of their stay, rather than their exit, was surprising.

Dear sea lions, it is in your nature to go away… But please come back soon! It’s empty back here!

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