Extreme Weather: Monster Hailstorm In Almazan (SPAIN) – July 2014

Another terrifying weather anomaly... In Spain!


Residents of Almazan in Spain were surprised by a spectacular hailstorm yesterday afternoon at around 4 p.m.

This apocalyptic storm lasted nearly three quarters of an hour, destroyed houses, cars, flooded part of the city center and was up to one meter deep along the Duero river.

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Roads are covered with snow after the hail storm in Almazan. Photo: Facebook

No one has been injured but large damages have been triggered.

In fact, on Wednesday a total of 13 provinces have been on alert for storms. The region of Almazan (Soria) was only in a yellow danger zone (red being the worst of all).

But, finally, Almazan was the first city hit by the storm which then spread to Teruel and Salamanca, where hail even topped some trees.

Today, storms continue in these regions! So take shelter!

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