Loud Booms: Latest Blog Reports Of Loud Booming Noises – July 2014

Your loud boom compilation - July 2014


Here a compilation of the latest comments left on my blog reporting strange sounds and loud booming noises!

In the last week of June and the first days of July 2014, reports were mostly from the continental US. Thank you for your help!

Loud Booms in Cave Creek Arizona – July 3 2014

Hi, Ilive in cave creek az. last night we heard what started like thunder but it kept going for quite a long time without stopping sounded like huge bombs going off I’ve never heard anything like this in my life.

Possible cause to these strange sounds in the sky – July 4 2014
as a sound engineer, i thionk they are a kind of “standing waves”…. like the heavy bass sound you get when standing in a discotheque corner….but on a cosmic level…

Loud rumbling noise in Washington State – July 2 2014

I live in Wa State I’m hearing the loud rumbling noise every evening. Sometimes it stops for a moment and then continues. Like everyone else, it sounds like a low flying jet but nothing to be seen.

Mystery Booms in victoria – And some IRONY (always welcome!) – July 1 2014

yes. just heard two loud booming sounds, must screw up the birds I would think. our birds seem to only want to communicate early in the a.m and later in early evening, other wise their communication system would go down. We are so very awfully loud. oh and i’m sick of the leaf blowers. can’t they just bloody sweep?

boom, loud booms, mysterious booms
Boom, boom, boom!

I have been hearing it in Victoria, sometimes two days in a row. Sonic boom? jets? aliens are probably too
smart to come to neurotic earth with all it’s crazy weapons. just my opinion of course.

Loud metallic sounds in Vancouver (WA) – June 30 2014

I live in the Vancouver, WA area and every day, I hear what sounds like an airplane flying over me but I can look up and not see a single airplane. That sound will last for over 5 minutes sometimes meaning it is definitely not an airplane. I just keep wondering what it could be.

Loud Booms over Gilbert arizona – June 29 2014

Loud booms over Gilbert AZ last night. At least three of them, woke me up, cause it thought something had hit our home. Last one at 4:30 am. Very strange sound, not like a typical sonic boom, but I would say something was moving very fast in the sky, although I didn’t go out to look.

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  1. There was a 15 minute period tonight around 7 or 8pm in Acworth/Kennesaw Georgia of nonstop booms. I heard them from multiple locations in the area. Saw flashing lights for a brief second from Highway 41. No idea what it could be but it sounded like a shooting range, a carpet bombing, or fireworks. The sound travelled for miles.

  2. In Kennesaw GA, between 1am and 1:45am, loud booms in the sky, no aircraft a visible, very dark and quiet night otherwise. Booms kept me up, cats were trembling.

  3. For several years, as is happening as I write this, startling and loud boom-type noises are occurring. I live on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mts in California in Amador County. The boom-type sounds I hear seem to come from above, almost always transpire in late morning or early afternoon, and often are intense (or near enough?) that my windows rattle. I have inquired at the Sheriff as well as local quarries and military bases within 100 miles of my location; no one knows anything.

  4. At somewhere around 3 am both my wife and I heard a boom sound in Albion, MI (Michigan), USA. Woke both of us up. Sounded somewhat like a transformer blowing. Got out of bed, everything calm and peaceful both inside and outside, no power outages in the area. Posting this in case others heard it also.

  5. I just heard a boom earlier today (July 10) at 6:20 PM. It sounded like something huge just hitting our house, but my dad went outside to check and nothing was there. It was so loud there was even a confused neighbor outside looking around when he went out. He thinks it was some kind of explosion even though there was no sign of anything.

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