Mysterious recurrent boom rocks Sonora, California and baffles residents


A mysterious recurrent boom in Sonora, California has residents baffled and looking to the sky.

The noise that can often be heard weekdays during the summer months from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m is a big mystery.

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Almost every weekday, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., a thunderous noise rocks Sonora, California. Although the cause of the mysterious booms remains a mystery, people have different theories ranging from mining operation, logging operation to aliens.

But a geologist think he has found the origin of these unexplained booming noises. They would be created by a private company disposing and dismantling old bombs near an Army Depot 100 miles away from Sonora, outside Hawthorne, Nevada.

As I already wrote about, sound can bounce off the atmosphere where air is dense and travel more than 50 miles away. But I am not convinced that the noise can travel to Sonora (100 miles away) or as far as Placerville, nearly 150 miles away from the blast site.

It really doesn’t fit! There’s a mountain range in between. Moreover, the booms would also be reported around the army depot… And this is not the case or only once a month.

The mystery remains… I would suggest to look underground! What are your theories about these loud booms?

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  1. Is the LHC on the opposite side of the earth in comparison to this area? Could we be experiencing a form of reverb from the powerful magnets and incredible amount of electricity being pulled into the loop? Like a sound smoke ring?

  2. The mountain range might help bend the sound. The air on one side of mountain range is usually different from the air on the other side — different humidity, pressure, etc. The two meet somewhere over the mountains, creating an increased refractive index. The more different the air masses are, along with x, y, and z atmospheric dynamics, the higher the refractive index, ie, the more sound will bend passing through that zone. So the sound might hit the mountain range and bend down and broadcast over the town instead of passing overhead.

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