Mysterious Bondi Hum: Unexplained Strange Sounds In Sydney, Australia

What is the source of the mysterious Bondi weird noise baffling residents and officials of Sydney (Australia)?


What is the mysterious Bondi noise?

Annoyed local residents are asking for an investigation into the source of the baffling “Bondi hum”, a strange low-level background noise ressembling those made by low flying jets or industrial fans.

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Mysterious Hum: What about the Bondi Hum? Photo: Wikipedia

BONDI residents have always claimed their patch of Sydney has its own special buzz. Problem is, it’s driving some of them crazy. To those who can hear it – it is not detectable by everyone – the humming sound is incessant and has been going on for years. Likely sources, including the local sewerage plant and traffic, have been ruled out. The Environmental Protection Agency will help solve the mystery behind this Hum.

The irritating noise affects mostly residents of Francis St and according to them, the  hum gets louder at night. Some people say they hear it all the time and others haven’t heard it… Yet? It’s at that frequency level, not everybody hears it. As in all other places around the world, this high-pitched sound sends people crazy.

However, the source of the Bondi Hum is still a mystery

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