Strange Sounds Map: World Wide Reports From YouTube Of Unexplained noises and Mysterious Booms


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Aurora Borealis Saltfjellet Nordland Norway

Strange Sounds Map

World Wide Reports From YouTube
Of Mysterious, Unidentified Events


Reports of unidentified events presented as loud, unusual sounds coming seemingly from the sky, or “everywhere”, have been making their way into YouTube most frequently since the late Spring, early Summer of 2011. This map reports locations of the events, and links to the applicable YouTube report. Location is noted if the information provided by the original poster of the report. When a specific date of the event is not included in the report, the date of the posting is used. If a video is removed from YouTube, or has been determined to be a hoax, it is removed from the map, and the list. If it is determined to be a fake, it will be duly noted, and removed from the map, but NOT the list. This is currently in process. This will be reflected in the tally numbers for the list in update reports.

This page is a work in progress and new reports will be noted by the date in GREEN.
The MAP currently has 179 reports from September 9, 2008 to this update: December 16, 2012.
A more detailed examination of the individual reports will be added to this page as information is catagorized and prepared for publication. Again, this page is a work in progress, and I have a life, patience, please. Updates will be made in as timely a manner as resources are available.

At this time I am unable to add written reports with no audio to back them up to the map, or the list. I am saving reports with no audio to back them up, but that’s all I am able to do at this point. Another page for documentation of such reports may be down the line, but currently not possible to set up and maintain. Sorry. You send ’em, I’ll save ’em, but that’s it, for now.


Strange Sounds Reports List


In order to guarantee access to the accumulated reports of the strange sounds around the world,
here is the list of all current reports. All of them gathered as of December 16, 2012


Date – Title12/12/12 More Loud Booms Reported In GA; Reports In Other U.S. Cities Too Video
12/10/12 Mystery of the Mystery noise continues News Report
12/7/12 Strange Sounds Heard in 2 States Over 7-10 Counties – Video
12/6/12 House-rattling boom remains a mystery – Warwick, R.I.News Report
12/5/12 Big Bang Theories: Mysterious noises heard across Verde Valley News Report
12/5/12 Mysterious booms rock Verde Valley – Cottonwood, AZ – Video
12/5/12 Mystery tremors puzzle experts – Corsicana, TX News Report
11/18/12 Strange sounds,noises Coventry, England Video
11/17/12 Strange Noise In Sky Monroe, Michigan Video
11/2/12 Strange Humming/Rumbling Sound in Arkansas Video
10/26/12 Strange Sounds Heard Days Before Hurricane Sandy – Caldwell, NJ – Video
9/20/12Strange Noise Monroe, MI Video
9/19/12 More Strange Sounds Heard In Christchurch New Zealand Video
9/8/12 Strange Sound Heard Over Hillsborough River – Tampa, FL Video
8/25/12 Loud Booms Heard, Felt “Over and Over Again” – Source Unknown – Sacramento, CA Video
6/18/12 Som estranho Brasília/DF – strange sound sky – Guara, Brazil Video
5/29/12 Authorities puzzled by Mysterious Boom like Explosions sounds; last night in Michigan Video
4/15/12Strange Noise in Sky: April 15th, 2012 in Michigan Video
4/11/12Strange Noise in the Sky – Netherlands, Montfort Video
4/10/12 Boom Time in Small-town Wisconsin – Clintonville – News Report
3/31/12 Ferndal, Michigan – Residents Report Saturday Night Sounds that Shook Homes News Report
3/23/12 CNN Says…Authorities solve the mystery of town’s odd noises, shaking – Clintonville, WI News Report
3/22/12 Clintonville – Wis. town seeks origin of loud, strange sounds Video
2/20/12Sons estranhos em Resende RJ – Bulhões Video
2/10/12 Strange sound in Finland Video
2/7/12 Strange sounds in Denver Video
2/3/12 Strange sounds in the sky – Oregon Video
1/31/12 McHenry county earthquake- strange sound in Wisconsin Video
1/31/12 Strange sounds heard in the sky Fish Creek, WI ORIGINAL CLIP Video
1/28/12 FAKE Strange Noises Heard Everywhere!!!! Video
Uploaded 1/26/12 som estranho no ceu e luz estranha Video Video
1/25/12 Strange noise London 02:00 25/01/2012 Video
1/25/12 Sky sounds Atlanta, GA Video
1/23/12 Strange sound in Romania Video
1/23/12 Strange sound in the City of Oradea, Romania Video
1/22/12 Strange Sounds Jan 21 2012 Banff Alberta Canada Video
1/23/12 FAKE Strange sky hum Cambridge Video
1/21/12 Sons estranhos no céu de Manaus Video
12/5/11 Strange Sound (noise) in Austria Video
1/26/12 strange sounds 2 – Illinois Video
1/26/12 strange sounds 1 – Illinois Video
1/26/12 Strange Sounds in the Sky – Allentown, PA Video
1/26/12 strange sounds now in sunnyside new york!! Video
1/26/12 Strange sounds coming from the sky. Now I believe it! Rochester Michigan Video
1/26/2012 Mainstream Reporting Strange Noises Heard Around The World – Video
1/25/12 Strange sounds in Southern California Video
1/24/2012 Strange noises reported around North Battleford, Saskatchewan – Video
1/23/12 Strange voice heard across Kota Samarahan (2) Video
1/23/12 Strange voice heard across Kota Samarahan Video
1/23/12 Strange Sounds Heard Near Buffalo, NY Video
1/22/12 Creepy Sounds in Sky – Pickering, Ont CA Video
1/22/12 strange sound 2012 in southern california Video
1/22/12 Strange Sounds Over Newark, New Jersey Video
1/22/12 Strange UFO Sounds Over Jersey City, N.J. Part 2 Video
1/22/12 Strange sounds in Stirling, Ontario Video
1/22/12 Strange sounds Czech Republic – Chropyne – Video
1/21/12 FAKE Strange sounds and lights in the sky – January 21st – Austria – Video
1/21/12 Strange sound in france / des sons étranges en france Video
1/21/12 Strange & Scarry Sounds in King City, Ontario Video
1/21/12 Strange sounds in London/Hertfordshire Video
1/21/12 FAKE More Strange Sounds In Hamilton Video
1/21/12 FAKE strange sounds in finland.Video
1/21/12 Strange Noise Dublin, Ireland HAARP,UFO, Earth Groaning, Hells Bells? – Video
1/20/12 Video
1/20/12 Mysterious Sound heard in Evanston IL 2012 Video
1/20/12 Strange Noise From Sky Michigan – Video
1/20/12 Strange atmospheric sounds New Jersey Pine Barrens 6:40pm – Video
1/20/12 STRANGE SOUND – NEW – Czech Republic Prague Video
1/20/12 FAKE Strange sound in ostrava Video
1/20/12 Strange noises Earth groaning in Germany – Video
1/20/12 FAKE Update Strange Sounds In Nottingham England Video
1/19/12 strange sound 2012 co.armagh n.ireland uk Video
1/19/12 Barulho estranho vindo do céu (Curitiba-Brasil) Strange sounds from the sky Video
1/19/12 strange sound co.armagh n.ireland uk Video
1/19/12″Strange Sounds in Beijing’s 3rd sighting caught on tape Video
1/19/12 3 UFO’s cause Strange Spine Chilling Sounds in Beijing, China Video
1/19/12 Strange weird sounds in the sky Toronto, Canada – FAKE Video
1/19/12 FAKE STRANGE SOUNDS(ORIGINAL VIDEO (NEW) saskatoon strange sounds heard world wide PHENOMENA!!!! Video
1/19/12 FAKE Strange noises in Belgium Video
1/19/12 FAKE strange sounds,winnipeg mb Video
1/19/12 FAKE Strange Sounds in Canada Video
1/19/12 Strange Noise Sound Heard in Brampton Video
1/19/12 Strange Sound Czech Republic Ostrava Video
1/18/12 Sons estranhos em Santo André, SP Brasil Video
1/18/12 Strange sound, now in Badajoz, Spain Video
1/18/12 Strange Sounds in Queens, New York Video
1/18/12 STRANGE SOUNDS sound in Czech Republic Video
1/17/12 Strange Sounds In Nottingham England 1 08:55am – Video
1/17/12 FAKE Strange sound recorded in London UK Video
1/17/12 Strange sounds in Spain. Video
1/17/12 No Location – UFO Emits Terrifying Sound? Video
1/17/12 Strange sounds in NY Video
1/17/12 Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Video
1/17/12 Strange sounds in Hollywood, CA Video
1/17/12 Strange Sounds Helsinki Video
1/17/12 Strange sounds Canada London Ontario Video
1/17/12 Sons Estranhos no Céu de São Paulo, Brasil – News Report Video
1/17/12 Strange Sound in Mississauga Ontario CanadaVideo
1/17/12 Strange sound in Washington D.C. suburb Video
1/17/12 Strange Creepy Sounds In The Sky – Boulder,Colorado Video
1/17/12 FAKE Strange sound in Boca Raton, FL Video
1/16/12 FAKE Strange sounds in Los Angeles, Ca Video
1/16/12 FAKE Earth Groaning? Strange Noises Comming From The Earth, London U.K. Video
1/16/12 Strange Sounds in Venice, Florida Video
1/16/12 Strange noises in Melbourne, Australia Video
1/15/12 Strange Sound Przytok, Poland Video
1/15/12 Strange sound in Chicago, IL. – Weird noise from sky Video
1/15/12 Strange sounds 2012 manitoba canada Video
1/15/12 FAKE Strange Sounds in Winnipeg, Manitoba Video
1/15/12 Strange sounds Arta Greece Video
1/15/12 FAKE Strange sounds in Thunder Bay, Ontario 1/15/2012 – Video
1/15/12 FAKE winnipeg 100% real Video
1/14/12 FAKE Strange Sounds Mexico Video
1/14/12 Booming Trumpet of the “Apocalypse” In Costa Rica 2012 Prophecy Unfolds – 1.14.2012 – Video
1/13/12 Earth Groaning Dawson Creek Canada Video
1/12/12 Strange Sounds Chile Video
1/12/12 STRANGE SOUNDS sound in Czech Republic. Scary!- Video
1/12/12 NO LOCATION – Strange sounds on the Winter road going to Kash from Msne Video
1/12/12 FAKE Strange Sounds In Conklin, Alberta Video
1/12/12 Oahu, Hawaii just past the Kualoa Ranch Video
1/12/12 FAKE Strange sounds in La Loche, Saskatchewan Video
1/12/12 Strange sounds heard near Toronto, Burlington, Canada Video
1/12/12 Strange Sounds Heard Outside in Indiana County, PA Video
1/11/12 strange noise and holographic image over budapest – blue beam project ? Video
1/10/12 Strange Roaring Noise In N. Michigan Skies – Light Show Too! Video
1/10/12 Mysterious ‘Sound Of Apocalypse’ Heard Throughout Costa Rica Video
1/10/12 Rumbling sound in sky again in New Orleans, Louisiana Video
1/9/12 Sonidos raros en Costa Rica (de noche) Night Sounds Over Costa Rica Video
1/7/12 Strange iINTENSEe Invisible Sounds in Sky Video
1/1/12 Strange sounds over Madrid Video
1/1/12 RTM News: Strange Sounds in Canada, Costa Rica, etc. Trending on Youtube Video
12/5/11 strange weird noise coming from sky. TN Video
12/1/11 Bucharest, Romania – December 2011 – Video
11/28/11 Sonidos extraños en el cielo de Zapopan Video
11/11/11 Strange noise from Sweden Video
11/10/11 Strange Sound heard in St Raphaël (France) Video
11/1/11 Isle of Wight, UK – November 2011 – Video
10/26/11 Earth Groans / Loud Noise in Auckland City New Zealand? Video
10/25/12 strange sounds in norway/fredrikstad Video
10/19/11 rumbling noise colorado – 10.19.2011 – Video
10/14/11 STRANGE SOUND Coming from the Ground in Port Huron, MI Sarnia, ONT Area Video
10/14/11 LOCATION UNKNOWN Wierd sky noise + strange reflections?? OCT.14.2011 – Video
10/10/11 Strange Noise – Ontario, Canada Video
10/6/11 Som estranho no céu do Rio de Janeiro Video
10/3/11 Strange Noise – Cloverfield Gardens, UK – 10/3/2011 = Video
10/1/11 Minnesota – 10.2011 – Video
10/1/11 Sonidos extraños se repiten ahora en Mar del Plata, Argentina 1 de Octubre 2011- Video
9/30/11 FAKE Strange Noise – New Orleans, Louisiana Video
9/30/11 Strange Noise – Tallahassee, Florida Video
9/30/11 Loud Sound in the sky! – Morgantown, West Virginia Video
9/27/11 Strange sound in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia Video
9/27/11 Strange sounds in sky. Beaverlodge,Alberta,Canada – Video
9/19/11 LOCATION UNKNOWN Strange sounds in by Star To [oskole].[Zhest]!- 9/19/2011 – Video
9/16/11 Apocalypse sounds over Sweden Video
9/15/11 Strange sound – now in Denmark Video
9/15/11 Earth Groaning: Strange sound in the outskirts of Drammen Video
9/11/11 FAKE Sonidos misteriosos en el cielo de Tlalnepantla, México Video
9/11/11 Strange sound in Montreal Video
9/6/11 Strange sounds over Sweden Video
9/1/11 Strange sounds over Santiago, Chile Video
9/1/11 Strange Noise – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- Video
9/1/11 Strange sound in the sky – Curitiba – Brasil – Som estranho no céu Video
9/1/11 Chelyabinsk, Russia – September 2011 – Video
FAKE 8/28/11 Strange Sounds in Lublino / Poland Polen Video
8/26/11 Strange noise over Lodz, Poland. Dziwne dzwieki na Lodzia Video
8/24/11 Strange Sound Before Virginia Quake ! Video
8/24/11 Weird Noise South East England 1 am – Video
8/23/11 Strange Sounds Rays Baseball Game evening of Earthquake East Coast U.S. – St. Petersburg, FL- Video
8/23/11 Strange noise in the sky St. Pete,Fl.- Video
8/23/11 Weird Noise – Moscow Video
8/22/11 Strange Sounds in Colorado Before Earthquake Video
8/20/11 Strange noises over southern Sweden Video
8/17/11 Strange sound in Lviv Video
8/14/11 More strange sounds from near Homel, Belarus Video
8/11/11 Are these the Trumpets of the Book of Revelations? – Ukraine Video
8/11/11 Strange Sounds in Kiev – Ukrainian TV News Investigation Video
8/7/11 Strange Rumbling Sound – Maryland US Video
8/1/11 Strange sounds. Urals, August 2011 – Video
8/1/11 Colorado – 8.2011 – Video
8/1/11 downtown Los Video
8/1/11 Strange Sounds in Homel Belarus, Brasil Video
7/15/11 Strange Noise In Sky: Michigan Video
6/15/11 Strange Noise – Woodland, Co Durham, UK 1 pm Video
6/5/11 Booms Are Back! Chandler Hears Explosions – Chandler, AZ Video
5/21/11 Strange Noise in the skies of Jersey City New Jersey Video
4/10/11 Inner Earth Ringing Tibetan Monks in spirit cave hear new sounds Video
3/28/11 Strange Sound in the Sky Video
3/11/11 Weird Sounds in the Sky 03 South France) – Video
3/9/11 WHAT THE HELL? Florida March, 2011-EERIE SOUND From Sky! 20min Florida Video
3/9/11 LOCATION UNKNOWN 3.9.11 What is This Loud NOISE? Video
2/9/11 strange noise – belgrade Video
8/11/09 wellsburg WV in the northern panhandle Strange sounds #3 – Video
8/11/09 Strange sounds from the sky – wellsburg WV Video
9/9/08 UNKNOWN LOCATION Unexplained Sound in a Quiet Neighborhood 9/9/2008 – Video

This page is intended to record dates and locations of these mysterious events. No claims or speculations are being made as to the origin of these sounds. – seektress

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  1. I researched on most of the timelines/dates from when these sounds were heard and found that almost all of them occurred before a natural disaster (landslide,tsunami,earthquake). They all occurred on the same day or a day after the sounds were reported. NASA reports that these sounds are all geological from the Earth.. what if it was actually the sound of plates shifting from beneath? If they crack this pattern and where the source of the sounds are from, they just might be able to prevent a lot of lives/losses.

  2. heard a series of loud waves of booms, or sonic waves.. very strange sounds. it wasn’t fireworks though, there were none in the sky. sydney, 1 feb 2014

  3. A day before the Typhoon Haiyan hit the Visayas region in the Philippines. My friend and his friend heard the sound at the same time. They were in two different places in Cebu City. They were chatting and they reacted together. November 7, 2013.

  4. Once again my dog was acting strangely and started barking just before we both heard a loud bang or boom this morning at 2:30 AM in the upper delbrook area of North Vancouver, BC Canada. This sound has been happening during the AM and PM hours and sometimes I have heard it in 3’s followed by strange vibrations and screeching noises. My dog acts weird and his ears are monitoring it throughout the entire time. So disturbing. Nov. 11/13

  5. i heard two loud booms coming from the sky almost straight up above me around 11:51-12:00am oct. 24th, 2013 in Odessa washington. booms almost sounded like thunder but no lightning or clouds and crystal clear, sounded to be coming from a southern direction but up very high. i heard two of them between the time above with each lasting 4-8 seconds.

  6. […] Reports of unidentified events presented as loud, unusual sounds coming seemingly from the sky, or “everywhere”, have been making their way into YouTube most frequently since the late Spring, early Summer of 2011. This map reports locations of the events, and links to the applicable YouTube report. Location is noted if the information provided by the original poster of the report. When a specific date of the event is not included in the report, the date of the posting is used. If a video is removed from YouTube, or has been determined to be a hoax, it is removed from the map, and the list.  Read Full Article […]

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