Mystery Hum: Plymouth Strange Sounds Baffle And Annoy Residents

What is the source of the strange sounds in the sky over Plymouth (UK)?


Plymouth residents are struggling to cope with ‘the hum’ – whatever it may be – and want to source its origins.

People hearing it say they suffer and the high-pitched noise has increased in intensity!

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Strange sounds baffle and annoy residents of Plymouth (UK). Photo:

The Plymouth hum seems almost electrical in nature and to reverberate around the walls houses. However, the Council’s Environmental Protection Department was not able to detect anything. AND the noise did not abate.

It seems a particular business on an industrial estate has moved its cooling towers to an area near the front of their building, approximately 400 metres away. But I doubt it could be related to the rumbling sounds.

Other people in Plympton (5.5 miles away) also started hearing the weird metallic noise about five or six weeks ago, but the source is also unknown. Could it be related to the nearby power station?

I am lost! Do you know what the source of the Plymouth Hum is? If yes, comment on this blog post.

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  1. Well, i don’t know what it is, but it sure is creepy! Im not from the UK but i’m from a country nearby, and its not the first time in the last couple of years that i’ve heard strange sounds coming out of nowhere. One of the times, not too long ago, 2 or 3 weeks ago i can’t remember which day i was in living room watching TV and suddenly i heard 2 bangs, like someone was hinting a hammer in a metal plate or something, which is strange because it was around 1 AM and 2nd, not a lot of people live nearby. I went out of the house with my flashlight and went too the font of the house which was where the sound seemed to be coming from, but i looked for 5 minutes and nothing, so i went back in just to hear it again 5 minutes later. To this date i don’t know what it was. This whole this is crazy, i don’t know if its tectonic plates moving around, or the magnetic field changing(o hope not because that takes a lot of time to happen and the magnetic field gets weaker so we will get hit hard by solar flares), or aliens, i don’t know, i’m just feel some relief that i’m not the only one hearing this things.

  2. Planet X is causing the strange sounds worldwide. and

    The Atlantic is expanding and the Pacific compressing.
    We expect the crossing in 2016. The chemtrailing cannot hide it much longer.
    Tectonic plates are exposed to friction as the hum increases and
    trumpet sounds and booms are methane gas leaking through crevices and the noises will only get worse
    as the pole shift advances.

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