This Mysterious Swirling Blue Lake is going to eat your soul

What is this strange phenomenon witnessed at the bottom of the mysterious Lake Blue in the Altai mountains, Russia?


Look at this weird strange phenomenon occuring at the bottom of the Blue lake in the Altai Mountains, Russia…

This mystery lake is known for not freezing in the winter despite deep temperatures, for its crystal-clear blue water… And for its living sand and clay bottom which hypnotizes you before eating your body and soul.

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This blue lake in the Altai mountains is known for its weird and baffling natural phenomenon making it unique around the world. Photo: Youtube video

Really strange things are being discovered in Russia. After a mysterious sinkhole in Siberia, strange round holes in forest, now this weird swirling lake bottom in the Altai Mountains.

Located on the territory of Ulagan, 7 km away from the village Aktas, this Blue Lake is unique to the Altai Mountains: It is only 2 meters (10 feet) deep, has crystal clear water year-long, and does not freeze in winter.

But its bottom kind of swirl and creates weird shading circles. The circles are not permanent, they change shapes, they hypnotize me, they are mesmerizing!

So what’s causing this baffling and mysterious nature phenomenon!

  1. Could it be underwater quicksand
  2. A geyser?
  3. A sinkhole forming over thermal vent?
  4. Thermal vent causing sediment to rise from heat convection? Here another example in Brazil:

Do you know a better way to hypnotize and baffle wanderers before eating their soul and bones?

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