Mysterious Sinkhole: Giant Crater Discovered On Yamal Peninsula, Russia (VIDEO)

What is this mysterious crater discovered by helicopter pilots on the Yamal Peninsula in Russia in july 2014. SInkhole or impact crater?


Helicopter pilots have discovered mysterious giant crater in the Yamal Peninsula, Russia, close to the largest Yamal gas reserve.

A powerful underground stream is heard from the bottom. But how did this amazing sinkhole form? UNKNOWN!

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What is this mysterious crater discovered by helicopter pilots on Yamal Peninsula on july 10 2014.

Russia is well-known for mysterious holes in the ground appearing overnight. But what triggered this one? Is this huge hole in the ground the result of a meteorite impact? Or is it a new drilling hole? A natural sinkhole? It is still a mystery. But in any cases, the chopper pilots, working for a gas company operating in the area, flew over a giant crater going deep into the ground in July 2014.

The cave-in is in a remote area and is surrounded by forest. Its size is so huge that people may come down into it on several Mi-8 helicopters. Although baffled, they decided not to land in this unknown area, but filmed a short video and took pictures of this unusual phenomenon. Watch the video below:

How did this amazing sinkhole formed?

This mysterious giant crater hole is situated 30 km apart from Bovanenkovo gas fieldNo explosive works had been carried out in the area, so it’s hard to explain why the hole appeared there. But there are many hypothesis enumerated below:

1. Was this deep hole man-made? This area has never been explored for deposits of natural reserves but will begin soon. Therefore, officials exclude the hand of man.

2. Could it be a meteor or a celestial body crater impact? Evidences are the earth accumulation around the hole and its darker color (thermal effect of impact). But the sinkhole dimensions are too large! The darker color is due to permafrost.

3. Is it a natural massive sinkhole? A raging powerful stream of underground water can be heard from above. This water combined with rain may have dissolved the soil resulting in this gigantic hole in the ground.

4. Military exercises? Not near a huge gas production plant.

I would dismiss the METEOR OR CELESTIAL BODY impact and the military exercise explanations. The dimensions of the crater are so large that it could have only been triggered by a huge object. Such an impact would have been recorded by seismometers in the region and around the world… It is as if a small atom bomb had exploded.

To me, everything is speaking for a huge but natural sinkhole formation. What is your hypothesis?

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