What Is This Strange Noise From A Deep Forest Of Nebo, NC?

Do you know what creates these weird noises?


It seems that the forests around Nebo, North Carolina are more alive than those in France!

But what I would like to know is where the hell this loud and scary sound is coming from! A large creature living in the woods or a multitude of little bugs crying to the skies!

What produces these weird and loud sounds are probably large swarms of bugs, maybe fireflies?, which gather in tree branches and transform the camp site of this french family visiting North Carolina into an eerie and unforgettable experience!

Yeah man! Nebo’s forests are probably louder and more ‘alive’ than those you find in France!

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  1. Those are cicatas…They are beatle-like insects and they can be even way louder than that! impossible to sleep thru!.

    I think it’s same kind of mating sound. males and females make a different sounds..one is way louder. this sounds like what I heard in FL, but the other is like a “roar”!

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