Animal Behavior: Starving Australian Wild Horses Reduced To CANNIBALISM in Snowy Mountains


Not only carnivors are cannibals. In some very grave situations even grass-feeders, like horses can start eating one of their owns!

Two ecologists observing Australian wild horses observed a very rare animal behavior. Desesperate and starving horses started to feed on a memeber of their own species while overwhelming the Snowy Mountains in Australia.

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Two starving Australian wild horses are eating one of their owns in the snowy mountains.

I do not know if this a true story, but this is what has been reported. Two reknown ecologist campers observed starving Australian wild horses reduced to cannibalism.

These horses are the symbol of freedom and wilderness of the Snowy River. But two ecologists friends, Ecologists Dr Driscoll and Dr Sam Bankswhen, camping in Kosciuszko National Park last month were left stunned as they discovered a small band of starving brumbies feeding on another horse’s flesh.

The wild horses ‘had turned to cannibalism’.

As seen in the pictures below, the dead horse has a hole in its abdomen and its intestines appeared to have been nibbled out. The day after, they watched three starving horses shoving their snouts inside the fallen creature’s abdominal cavity.

Here a video to remember that in some cases lion males are cannibal as well:

This horse behaviour has never been documented before. The noble brumbies of the silver screen have been reduced to starving cannibals in Kosciuszko National Park.

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